Penitensya Gone Wrong? Penance Tradition Turned “Hazing” Goes Viral

Penitensya gone wrong? Netizens has these reactions.

PENITENSYA – Penance practice or a Penitensya gone wrong in video seemingly turned into “hazing” incident gathered various comments from the netizens.

One of the traditions that the Pinoys do annually is Penance or the Penitensya which is considered as a spiritual act. Traditionally, it is done by both men and women in public to seek forgiveness as some would hit their back with leather straps, carrying a cross through seven churches, and some would even do further and that is being crucified for real on a cross.

And just recently, with more than 741,000 views as of posting and earning thousands of shares and reactions online, a video emerged showing severe and, at one point, a different kind of “penitensya”.

Watch below:[0]=68.ARCeFTt0H4xHEZoDObOSAX6c-nyKdwPbS8oWnrAvNIhFZAx5Zv7y9MOa2LUubBf_m7AXZKGeh_kPnQmB0fLyw85-59Q6xh5PN5ggO5elWmZPBmAfI2jxw7haVzryrmBeW-5RdWqr1-goI4vYtQ9uTIcD_oS1O0C9KI5yLjZi-V6Cp2orbZy05Z1LJU_zhopvSqn5OVXBi4lKUJ6jfnfjQ2ZbyIsb4oG4CCMWrDovOGwQ2zEVclQ4SraNL7yDziuFCRl9sYviQ9u6n1VEO5dk4fsw14GPDpwddKyFkL1URB9VzA2t2f7Tdbm99Q9qylsda9Y6laadj34EvxAI2GjCXeRET3mSJeKTHbM4&__tn__=H-R

The video was lambasted by a lot of netizens who thought that those people have accordingly done it in a wrong way. In the video, the men with their face covered depicted what Christ has done and His passion before His death. Those men run so fast and swiftly while they are chased by these other men holding a wood and mercilessly hitting them just anywhere in their body.

At the latter part of the clip, a man was not able to endure the pain that after he got hit from the back, he just eventually fell from his place.

Here are the comments of the netizens:

Christian Ching: parang di naman sinakulo yan paranf siraulo na yan.. di naman ganyan dapat haha

Juan Carlo: Akala ko fraternity hazing.gigil na gigil yun mga namamalo, karipas ng takbo talaga

Derek Michael Villegas: Mga gago kayo my anti hazing law na. Kunwari prusisyon pero member yan ng fraternity jn lng nila ginagawa para ndi obvious

Jaypee Gloria Vato: Mga gago pla ang mga taong ito.. Papansin masyado.. Hndi nman nka sulat sa bible na gawin yan ah, pra mbawasan ang kasalanan.. Sira ulo ang mga bugok..

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Penitensya Gone Wrong
Penitensya Gone Wrong
Penitensya Gone Wrong


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