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Lists of PNP Safety Tips Over “Akyat-Bahay”

PNP – The Philippine National Police posted several safety tips for the public on how to avoid being the victims of “Akyat-Bahay”.

Undeniably, a lot of people are victims of the “Akyat-Bahay”, an illegal operation wherein people get into the house of other people and take what they can while the owners are away or asleep.

It is believed that members of the “Akyat-Bahay” group usually monitor their target house several days before they would decided to get into it.

Victims have claimed that suspicious individuals are spotted outside their house several times before unknown people broke into their house and took their possessions without their knowledge.

In most cases, victims look at the positive side that no lives from their family was lost. Many are thankful that they were away or deeply asleep when the incident happen as there is a replacement for the things lost but for lives in case.

Meanwhile, while there is a positive side even in the most negative incident, we can prevent them through some safety measures.


Recently, the Philippine National Police(PNP) posted some safety tips on how to avoid from falling into victims of “Akyat-Bahay”. Here is a list of the safety tips posted:

  • Make sure to lock the door and the windows when sleeping or leaving the house to make sure there is no way that they can enter the house.
  • Keep all the luxurious things inside the house. Do not place them outside and keep them away from the windows as well.
  • Do not leave a note announcing that no one is home.
  • Do not post on social media that no one is left in the house.
  • Save a copy of the police station and the security in your subdivision.
  • Ask your trusted neighbor to watch over your house while you are away.
  • Install CCTV cameras if possible.

For emergency cases, call – Philippine National Emergency Hotline Number | Philippines.

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