Display Of Colorful Costumes Of Morion Soldiers At Oriental Mindoro

Colorful Costumes Of ‘Morion Soldiers’ Featured In This Year’s Moriones Festival

DISPLAY OF COLORFUL COSTUMES – Performers for the annual Moriones Festival of the island province of Marinduque put on colorful costumes for an interesting display.

The heart-shaped island province located right in between of Tayabas Bay and Sibuyan Sea has been celebrating the Moriones Festival annually for more than 130 years!

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Photo taken from Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo offical Twitter page

Moriones Festival is celebrated during the Lenten season. It features the display of men and women in costumes, typically masks, robes and ancient helmets to represent the Roman Soldiers in the bible.

This is according to an article by the Traveling Morion. According to the article,

The story of Saint Longinus, a Roman Centurion who was blinded on one eye, is manifested in the displays during the Moriones Festival. Saint Longinus is believed to be the soldier who pierced the side of Jesus in the bible.

It was also believed that stabbing of Jesus’ body splashed some blood which ended up on his eye and completely healed his eyesight. This made the Roman Centurion convert to Christianity that led to his decapitation.

Festival activities during the event usually last throughout the Holy Week with the ‘Salubong’ celebrated on easter Sunday.

For this year, the festival is expected to fall on the dates of 14-21st of April.

On a Twitter post of ‘Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo’, photos of the participant performers dressed in colorful costumes are seen in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro.

The photos were taken by Norman Belino. Wearing colorful costumes, the performers will depict the story mentioned in an meaningful and intersting way.

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