85-Year-Old Lady Vendor Passed Away While Selling Due To Her Old Age

85-Year-Old Lady Vendor Died While Selling Due To Her Old Age

An 85-year-old lady vendor passed away because of her seniority while roaming around in the city to sell her products and earn money.

Elderlies and senior citizen needs to stop from working and take a rest because of their old age and few remaining days on earth.

Children also need to take care and provide the basic necessities of their old parents who don’t have the capability to work anymore.

85-Year-Old Lady Vendor

A Facebook user named Kevin King Jardiolin Malabug has shared the photos of an old lady vendor who died while selling her products.

Malabug identified the lady vendor as Lola Juanita who died at the age of 85 years old on her stall.

85-Year-Old Lady Vendor

Here is the full post:

Sad story.
Namatay si lola Juanita edad 85 habang naglalako ng kanyang mumunting paninda.
Wala man lang nakapansin sa kaawa awang lola.

Kaya sana kung may mga lola tayo na nagtatrabaho ay tulungan nalang natin dahil konti nalang ang panahon na meron sila at inilalaan pa sa pagtatrabaho.

This happen in Mexico.”

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85-Year-Old Lady Vendor

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