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10:58 AM March 15, 2019

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10:58 AM March 15, 2019

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Michael Jackson’s Disturbing Video Taking Young Boy In Jewellery Shopping Exposed Online

The disturbing video footage of the late pop-star Michael Jackson shopping with a young boy in a jewelry shop goes viral online.

Last week, the reports regarding the ban of Michael Jackson’s songs from different radio stations around the world spread like a wildfire on social media.

The ban was due to child molestation accusations filed against the international pop singer, which was exposed in a documentary entitled ‘‘Leaving Neverland‘.

Disturbing Video

The video shows Michael Jackson in disguise wearing wig, cap, and faux moustache while taking a young boy jewelry shopping in 1989.

The young boy in the jewelry store was reportedly the alleged sexual abuse victim James Safechuck.

Disturbing Video

According to some reports, Jackson has been shopping to buy an engagement ring for his backup singer Sheryl Crow.

However, James Safechuck claimed in Leaving Neverland that MJ purchased him a wedding ring and many gifts trying to manipulate him as a child.

“So we were like this married couple. I say married because we had this mock wedding ceremony. We did this in his bedroom and we filled out some vows like we would be bonded forever… It’s hard to go back to that moment,” Safechuck said quoted by MSN.

Disturbing Video

Safechuck was claiming that the international singer maliciously abused him at the age of 10 until 14.

He also revealed that the music icon usually pretend buying jewelry for someone else.

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