PBB Otso: Lou Yanong Regrets Kissing Andre Brouillette?

Did PBB Otso Housemate Lou Yanong Regrets Kissing Andre Brouillette?

PBB OTSO – Did the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso housemate Lou Yanong regret kissing Andre Brouillette?

Housemates Lou Yanong and Andrei Brouillette shared a passionate kisses inside the PBB house. Their kiss received various reactions from their fellow housemates and viewers.

It’s obvious that both of them have a “mutual understanding” until that one fateful night during their pool party, they lose their control because of too much alcohol and end up kissing each other passionately.

PBB Otso Lou Yanong and Andre Broillette
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The day after, Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette were interrogated by their housemates and asked them if they remembered anything about the night before.

Andre had a one-on-one talk with Fumiya while Lou opened up about her emotions to Big Brother inside the confession room.

Lou and Andre
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PBB Otso housemate Lou Yanong stated that she was not able to stop herself because of too much alcohol in her system. She said her father is surely mad about what happened.

“Hindi lang po napigilan yung sarili dahil dun sa alak Kuya. Syempre Kuya may sermon pong sasabihin si Daddy, syempre magagalit siya,” said Lou.

PBB Otso Lou Yanong
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Lou Yanong also said that she’s aware of the consequences she’s about to face after what she and Andre did inside the PBB house.

“Alam ko dapat yung consequences Kuya, respeto yun as a girl na hindi dapat ganun kabilis…Magso-sorry po ako Kuya,” she added.

Netizens expressed their opinion on the statements of Lou regarding her and Andre’s passionate kisses. Here are some of their comments on the video:

@lhara dee: “ginawang dahilan ang alak… kawawa naman yung alak laging my sala”

@Cheezy Renzy: “One mistake, people forget all the good things you’ve done!”

@Nilfa Fathima: “So basically, she is literally aware of what happened that night. #thekiss She wants it.”

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