Election 2019: Senatorial Town Hall Debate Highlights

Here are the highlights in Senatorial Town Hall Debate for Election 2019

Senatorial candidates faced each other in town hall debate for Election 2019 and here are the highlights.

Francis Tolentino, Willie Ong, Jiggy Manicad, Larry Gadon, Chel Diokno, Bam Aquino, Samira Gutoc, and Glenn Chong answered certain issues.

Senator Koko Pimental was supposed to be one of the participants but he was not able to come due to an important commitment.

election 2019 debate
Photo source: ABS-CBN

First part of the debate gave chance to the the candidates to introduce themselves and state their platforms.

Bam Aquino – secure the needs of every family in the aspect of education, health and basic commodities.

Glen Chong – clean election

Jiggy Manicad – new policies without vested interest, will concentrate on agricultural aspect to solve starvation

Samira Gutoc – equality of men and women in the society, peace and order

Florin Hilbay – West Philippine Sea, good governance

Francis Tolentino – environmental law, Urban development commission

Chel Diokno – Justice and equality

Larry Gadon – lower electricity rate, food security

Willie Ong – lower prices on health services, Philhealth

election 2019 debate
Photo source: ABS-CBN

The senatorial candidates answered these issues:

Endo or temporary employment
All the of senatorial candidates who were at the debate agreed that temporary employment should end.

Price hike and inflation
Gutoc, Hilbay, Manicad, Aquino, and Diokno said TRAIN Law should be blamed but Gadon disapproved and said that the industrial sector should receive more assistance. Chong said that corrupt politicians are the source of the problem, Ong stressed that there is also an inflation on medical products while Tolentino said that the agricultural aspect should be given attention.

Doctors to the barrios and their security
Chong said that he will institute the medical mission which he already started, Ong as a doctor said this points: free education for doctors, train nurses in provinces, and Telemedicine. Gutoc said that there should be incentives for doctors while Gadon said that it will all start to information dissemination of how important the vaccines are for children. Diokno pointed out the Universal Healthcare Bill. Manicad said that he will put his budget allocations to the hospitals in provinces and Aquino stated free education for medical students will solve this problem. Tolentino said that problems should be addressed by LGUs while for Hilbay, the doctors to the barrios program should be under the educational system.

Lower age of criminal responsibility
Pro – Gadon, Manicad, Chong, Ong, Tolentino
Anti- Hilbay, Aquino, Diokno, Gutoc

Meanwhile, here are the answers of the Election 2019 senatorial candidates during the Fast Talk segment.


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