LOOK: Jason Marvin Posts Touching Message For Moira As He Recalls 2015 Post

Jason Marvin Recalls 2015 Post On IG, Posts Touching Message for Moira Dela Torre

JASON MARVIN – Moira Dela Torre’s fiance Jason Marvin took to the social media a touching message for her as he recalls his post on Instagram in 2015.

Today is the most awaited day of the fans and supporters of “MoiSon” – the real-life couple Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin Hernandez. The two are set to officially tie the knot today.

Moira and Jason’s wedding will be held in Tagaytay. It is going to be a garden wedding that will gather the families and closest friends of the couple.


It was in April 2018 when the public witnessed the heart-melting proposal of Jason Marvin Hernandez to Moira Dela Torre through the official music video of Tagpuan, the hit song written and sang by the ballad singer.

Moira was clueless while they were taping the music video that Jason would proposed to her. On top of the cliff, he asked for her hand to marriage assuring his confidence in their God-orchestrated relationship.


Days before their wedding in Tagaytay, Jason and Moira already had a wedding ceremony at the city hall. But the couple saved their first kiss for their Tagaytay wedding.


A few hours before their wedding today, Jason Marvin Hernandez took to the social media a touching message for his bride, Moira Dela Torre, as he recalled his 2015 post on Instagram.

In his recent post, Moira’s fiance stated that on November 15, 2015, while they were at the wedding of their friend, he took to the social media a post stating “let the search begin”.

According to him, on that same day, Moira also posted a photo taken at the wedding along with her prayer for the groom. In the said photo, Jason was there standing as he was posting his own IG post.

Jason Marvin stated that it was just last night that they realized it. According to him, whenever they are fighting or in doubt, those are the kind of moments he remembers.

“That our relationship is orchestrated by God. And sabi nga nila “what God has joined together, let no man separate.”

In his post, Jason Marvin stated a touching message for Moira Dela Torre. Expressing his love, Jason then stated that he cannot wait to marry her and he does not think he will be able to sleep the night before their wedding.


Here are some of the comments on Jason’s post:

@rhyskeng: “God’s ways 😍 so perfect!”

@jeanetteb.delapena: “Halaaa grabeee LODI ko talaga tong couple na’to”

@kittyofreneo1: “Best wishes! Handa na kami sa walang hanggan”

@mariagraciousz: “Nakaka-amaze ang Lord 😇💕 He works in unexpected ways talaga ❤ congrats po @jasonmarvinph@moirarachelle”

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