Kris Aquino Hints About Her Life Documentary Through This Video?

Is Kris Aquino hinting about her life documentary through this video?

A documentary of the life story of Queen of all Media Kris Aquino might happen soon as she hinted about this through a YouTube video.

Kris shared on her YouTube channel the sum up of her 2018. She showed the highlights of her career and personal life last year.

Her life has been an open book to the public and she gladly chose that way. On the other hand, there are still parts of her life that she decided not to divulge to all.

Kris Aquino documentary
Photo source: @livelifewithkris IG

She was kind enough to share to her fans her journey to the Hollywood as she was included in the cast of Crazy Rich Asians.

Kris also revealed several contracts she signed for various projects.

However, controversies and intrigues kept on coming to attack her. Her name made a loud buzz when she filed 44 counts of theft against her former business partner.

Aside from this, her health has become a major concern for her and her children.

Behind all ups and downs, the given information she generously shares to her supporters, Kris Aquino still has more stories to tell.

Apparently, she will be providing the gaps soon with her life documentary.

This assumption came after her recent YouTube video showing snippets of what happened to her in 2018.

Based on Preen’s report, the description of Kris Aquino‘s video seemed to be hinting about this.

Here is the part of Kris’ caption:

Jeff from @cornerstone and my KCAP team are meeting with the gracious team in a few days- i had the foresight to own a lot of my exclusive materials (hint: the “audition” for…) and i [email protected]’s @youtube originals documentary and you should watch my story, especially this autoimmune journey from my perspective because i know God is making me go through this because i have the platforms to create proper awareness and hopefully encourage compassion- not only for my condition but HEALTHCARE for all FILIPINOS🇵🇭. @iflix deserves for me to fulfill my obligations because they believed when others still doubted.

Watch the video.

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