Catriona Gray’s Slow-Mo Turn Receives Funny Reactions

These are the funny reactions of netizens to Catriona Gray’s slow-mo turn

The slow-mo turn of Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Catriona Gray during the preliminary swimsuit competition received funny reactions from netizens.

Catriona proved that she can stand out among other beauty queens from around the globe during the preliminary competitions.

Slow-mo turn of Catriona Gray funny reactions
(Photo source: Cosmopolitan)

Last December 13, Miss Universe 2018 candidates showcased their catwalks wearing their swimsuit and gown.

In a previous report, even celebrities in the Philippines cheered for the representative of the country.

Indeed, Catriona Gray’s performance during the preliminary competitions left a mark to the pageant audience.

Slow-mo turn of Catriona Gray funny reactions
(Photo source: Cosmopolitan)

Aside from praises to her performance, netizens also expressed funny comments about her slow-mo-turn.

It can be said that it was the highlight of Catriona’s catwalk during the swimsuit competition.

Here are some of the funny comments, based on Cosmopolitan’s report.

A netizen said that he could watch the famous turn of Catriona all day long.

There was one netizen who said that she is trying to do the slow-mo walk in her mind but she wasn’t able to do it.

Another netizen commented that Catriona does not the help of a video editor because she can do her own slow-mo effect.

Aside from the Bicolana beauty’s turn, a netizen also took notice the statement about her while she was walking.

“That SLOWMO will snatch wigs!!!!! My scalp is shaking!!!” a netizen commented.

For a netizen, the last name of Catriona should not be Gray but instead “Slay”.

There was one netizen who also said he also got a black belt just like Cat, however, it was not from martial arts.

As netizens enjoyed that the trademark turn and twirl of Cat, there were also those who created memes from it.

After seeing the performance of the Filipina beauty queen, especially her slow-mo turn and twirl, based on a netizen’s post, this is the reaction of the whole Philippines.

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