BEST HUGOT LINE: 20+ Hugot Lines You Can Surely Relate To

BEST HUGOT LINE: List of 20+ Hugot Lines You’ll Surely Like

BEST HUGOT LINE – Here is a list of 20+ hugot lines about love, life, family, and school that you can surely relate to.

Nowadays, the people are so fond of hugot lines. You can hear them everywhere – at work, in school, at home, and in public places. They are relative statements that are born out of an emotion being compared to something that just happened.

Usually, a Tagalog hugot line is self-composed bearing a unique feature that can really draw attention. It can spark a smile or an emotion that another person can also relate to it.

Do you wish to see more examples of hugot lines about love, life, family, or school?

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Best Hugot Line

Here is a list of sets of best hugot line about love, life, family, and school:

BEST HUGOT LINE: Hugot Lines About Love

1. Ang love minsan parang pagbabayad lang ‘yan sa cashier, binigay mo na lahat, hihingan ka pa ng sukli.

Hugot Lines About Love (Pag-Ibig)

2. Minsan ang love ‘di yan tulad ng phone na pag na lowbat, pwedeng e-recharge.

Hugot Lines About Love (Pag-Ibig)

3. Sa love, ‘di maiiwasan na may U-Turn. Yung akala mong dire-diretso na, may babalikan pa pala.

Hugot Lines About Love (Pag-Ibig)

4. Sabi nila “love is blind” kaya pwede bang pumikit ka na lang baka sakaling mahalin mo rin ako.

Hugot Lines About Love (Pag-Ibig)

5. Ang dami ng girlfriend ‘di dapat yan tulad ng kape na 3-in-1.

Hugot Lines About Love (Pag-ibig)

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