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4:51 PM December 14, 2018

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Alms given to Badjao has reached the amount of P20,000

The Department of Social Services and Development (DSSD) in Bacolod City caught a Badjao and it was found out that the native from Mindanao got more than P20,000 from alms.

Badjaos have been all over the Philippines and they are known to be asking alms on the streets.

They don’t have their own homes and they just depend on alms given to them for their food.

Badjao alms P20K

(Photo source: Sunstar)

Some gracious individuals give them but some people are shooing them away.

When the holiday season comes, some Badjaos also goes with the flow. Children and even adults gather in groups to form their own carollers.

On the other hand, the DSSD has already urged people not to give alms to Badjao, based on the report of Sunstar.

This is for the aim to stop the natives from Mindanao from loitering around the city.

However, Badjaos can still be found on the streets of Bacolod.

DSSD was able to capture a Badjao who had a receipt from a pawnshop with money transfer services.

Based on the Facebook post of TV Patrol Negros, the said receipt stated that the money sent has an amount of more than P20,000.

Badjao alms P20K

(Photo source: TV Patrol Negros FB)

The post also said that Badjaos are coming back to Bacolod during the holiday season and Masskara Festival because of the alms they get.

According to the post, DSSD wanted to reiterate to people not to give alms to Badjaos or whoever is asking on the streets because they just depend on that for their income.

Aside from this, the order also considers the safety of Badjaos, especially that they are just living on the streets.

Here is the post.

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