Deported OFW’s Complain About Their Missing Valuables Stolen At The Airport

Several deported OFW’s are seeking help from President Duterte over their missing valuables, which was allegedly stolen at the airport.

Over the past few, numerous Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and plane passengers are complaining about their missing valuables allegedly stolen inside their luggage.

The complainant usually blames the airport and its personnel on the robbery incident after learning that some of their valuables gone missing.

Deported OFW’s

Recently, the Facebook page “All about the Philippines” has shared the video footages and photos of deported OFW’s from Jeddah Saudi Arabia complaining about their missing items.

The deported Filipino migrant workers explained that they were prohibited to hand carry any items and they need to place everything inside their baggage.

Deported OFW’s Deported OFW’s

After arriving at the Philippines, the OFW’s found that some of their valuables including mobile phone, cash, and jewelries have gone.


The OFWs have reported the incident at the management of Saudi Arabia and promised to pay the compensation for their missing valuables.

Deported OFW’s

Unfortunately, the Saudi management sent a message disclaiming that they are not liable for the incident.

Here’s the full story:

Deported OFW’s

The social media users have also expressed their reactions on the video:

Deported OFW’s

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