HOME CREDIT: Tips For Your Application To Be Approved

Tips For Your Home Credit Application To Be Approved

HOME CREDIT – Here are some tips on how you may increase the chance of your Home Credit application to be approved.

Nowadays, even if you don’t have cash with you, you can have the latest mobile phones or appliances. That is because of Home Credit, a money-lending company that can pay for the product you wish to buy in full.

The thing why many people are patronizing it is that they don’t have to send out a huge amount of money at a single transaction.

If your Home Credit application is approved, you can bring home the product by just paying a minimum downpayment which is usually equal to 30% of the product’s price. The rest would be divided into the number of months in your chosen term.

Home Credit

However, although the processing only takes less than an hour, getting your application to Home Credit approved may consider lots of factors too. The company is also assuring the capacity of the client to pay for the product.

Here are some tips that you may consider:

1. Should you wish to increase the chances that your Home Credit application to be approved, present the required documents like IDs.

You will be asked to submit two valid primary IDs.

  • Primary IDs (SSS, UMID, Driver’s License, Valid Passport, PRC, Voter’s ID
  • If you only have one, you may be asked to support it with either of the following:
    • Postal ID
    • NBI Clearance
    • Payslip
    • Electric Bill
    • Bank Account Statement
    • PhilHealth Card

2. Another tip is to offer a high downpayment. It may not only increase the possibility of getting your Home Credit application approved but it will also lower your monthly dues.

3. Choose the product. Match the product that you will apply for with your capability to pay for it.

Although it is in installment term, still you will have to pay for it and it is important that the lender sees that you can actually afford to pay the monthly dues.

4. Be a responsible client. If your application is approved, try your best to pay in advance or on time to have excellent records with the Home Credit.

It may not matter to you while paying for your product but it will surely matter the next time you will apply.

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