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3:30 PM October 23, 2018

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3:30 PM October 23, 2018

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Jake Zyrus’ explanation why he called his mother “evil queen”

Jake Zyrus reveals the story behind why he called his mother, Raquel Pempengco, “evil queen”.

In his tell-all book released just recently, the transman singer explained why he tagged his mother that way.

Jake Zyrus

(Photo source: @pushalerts IG)

There was a portion in his book, I Am Jake, wherein the singer, who is formerly known as Charice Pempengco, called his mother “evil queen”.

He said that he needed to tell the whole story and he did not want to sugar-coat the truth.

“If you really know my story, then, here it is,” she said in a report of ABS-CBN.

Jake Zyrus

(file photo)

The singer also explained that there was a certain incident that he likened to a fairy tale.

“May bad situations talaga, so that certain situation, parang na-compare ‘yong situation na ‘yon sa fairy-tale noong time na ‘yon. It’s not na tinatawag siyang evil queen as a whole,” Jake Zyrus said.

He added that it was not literal.

Raquel Pempengco

(file photo)

Since the start of his transformation, Jake’s relationship with his family also changed.

He was not able to visit his Lola Thess who is close to him ever since he was young.

Recently, his grandmother got sick and was rushed to the ICU and his mother called out to him to visit his Lola.

On the other hand, Jake Zyrus chose not to visit the old woman.

Jake Zyrus

(file photo)

“I know that if I go there, they’d just hurt me emotionally and tell me things na I don’t wanna hear anymore,” the transman singer said.

When asked if he misses his family, Jake answered with all honesty.

“For how many years, I would’ve answered you ‘yes,’ but I don’t wanna lie… I don’t miss the relationship kasi hindi talaga okay ‘yong relationship,” he said, based on the report.

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