The Reason Why Grade 12 Student Kills Female Teacher Finally Revealed

The Reason Why Grade 12 Student Kills Female Teacher Finally Revealed

The reason why the male Grade 12 student killed his female teacher inside the school building has been finally revealed.

A few weeks ago, the reports regarding the untimely death of Mylene Veras-Durante of Oringon Elementary School in Pio Duran, Albay spread like a wildfire online.

Ma’am Durante has been killed by a male Grade 12 student while sleeping inside the principal’s office of the school.

Grade 12 Student

Two other students also witnessed the crime but they were able to escape from the hands of the underage suspect.

The social media users lambasted the 17-year-old student for his inhumane act towards the teacher.

Recently, the police force of Pio Duran, Albay revealed that they are investigating if the young suspect has feelings for the 24-year-old teacher.

Grade 12 Student

The authorities were also looking at the possibility of “Rape” since they found scratches and blood from the victim’s nail.

Grade 12 Student

“Nakitaan namin siya ng mga kalmot, so yun po ang nagbigay sa amin ng lead. May nakita ako sa kuko na ano… parang blood,” Pio Duran chief of police Chief Inspector Joseph Abel Jarabejo.

Jarabejo said that the suspect stayed inside the room waiting for his victim to fall asleep before performing the crime.

The victim’s husband was also seeking justice for the sudden death of his wife. The suspect is now facing cases of murder and frustrated murder.

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    • I’m kinda confused, they suspected that he raped her dahil may kalmot at may dugo sa kuko? That’s the reason? Bakit hindi nilaipa Autopsy yung victim para sure? Kasi wala namang sinabi na inamin ng suspect, walang sinabi na napa autopsy na at na-confirm na, kaya nasabi ko toh plus konti lang details, but sabi naman naghahanp sila ng posibility para ma-confirm kaya sa tingin ko ginawa naman nila, they’re smart sa part na ayun yung naging lead nila, and may high chance na na rape yung victim.


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