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11:58 AM October 8, 2018

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11:58 AM October 8, 2018

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President Duterte Photos Choosing “Yellow” Clothes In Hong Kong Earns Various Reactions

The photos of President Rodrigo Duterte choosing “Yellow” color clothes in Hong Kong, China garnered various reactions online.

Special Assistant to the President Christopher Bong Go has shared several photos of Mr. Duterte together with his family in Hong Kong during their private time.

President Duterte flew to Hong Kong together with his partner Cielito Avanceña and their daughter Veronica for a rest and vacation.

Hong Kong

Mr. Duterte goes around the Causeway Bay together with his family and top aide Bong Go on Saturday (October 6, 2018).

The presidential top aide also shared the photos of the President choosing yellow clothes inside of a shop that displayed predominantly yellow jackets.

“Kahit panay ang batikos ng dilawan kay Tatay Digong, nagawa pa niyang pumili ng damit na kulay yellow!!!” Bong Go said.

Hong Kong

The “Yellow” color is associated with the “Liberal Party” the opposition of the Duterte administration.

The photos have also garnered various reactions from the social media users:

Raphyel Dizon: “E ano nmn kung kulay yellow???!!! Kailangan bang lagyan ng meaning??!!! Ewan.”

Meriam Mahawan: “Hahaha dilawan pala si tatay digs’

Romblon Cantoria Bartolata Jeannet: “Yes tatay ganyan Ang tatay namin very cool allrytttt”

Lorsky Osben: “ Huwag na yan ky aquino yan haha.”

Ana Villa: “Tatay Digong XXXL po ako… Pwede na yan yellow hahaha… God Bless You po PRRD”

Josie Rapsing: “ Ha ha ha ..ang yellow bow..ha ha ha di matapos ang ngiti ko dito ..yan ang AMING MAHAL NA PRESIDENTE COOL NA COOL”

Juna Balgos:Hahahah nang aasar pa si tatay digs sa mga dilawan

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