Bundles Of Money Found During “Oplan Linis Piitan” In Manila City Jail

Authorities Found Bundles Of Money During “Oplan Linis Piitan” In Manila City Jail

Bundles of money worth P790,000 has been found by the authorities during the “Oplan Linis Piitan” inside the Manila City Jail.

Nowadays, the increasing number of inmates and insufficient jail cells are only some of the major concern of the Philippine government.

Proper hygiene and daily maintenance of jail cells are necessary in order to maintain the cleanliness inside the prison.

Manila City Jail

Recently, a Twitter user named Cecille Villarosa has uploaded the video of bundles of cash found in during the cleaning operation.

The authorities have conducted an “Oplan Linis Piitan” aiming to clean the jail cells in the Manila City Jail.

Manila City Jail

Unexpectedly, the authorities found numerous bundles of cash amounting P790,000 in one of the jail cells.

The video shows several police officers dismantling the bundles of cash they have recovered in the Manila City Jail.

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