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Pres. Duterte Will Resign Once His Illness Becomes Serious

DUTERTE – In case President Rodrigo Duterte’s illness will develop over time, he will resign from being the President of the Philippines.

President Rodrigo Duterte, 73, has been recently accused by communist leader Jose Ma. Sison of having a serious disease resulting in the darkening of his skin.

On that allegation, the President replied that he frequently visits mountains and doesn’t use women’s cosmetics.

Last week, Duterte went for his regular check-up regarding his illness, Barrett’s esophagus. It is a complication on the tube that fetches food from the mouth to the stomach. It is a problem of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

rodrigo duterte

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Based on a report on GMA News, the speakers from the Palace said that it was nothing serious and it was just a regular checkup.

The President has also undergone last week for both colonoscopy and endoscopy according to a report from GMA News. These are medical methods done to examine the status of the digestive tract and the lining of the colon.

endoscopy, colonoscopy

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In an interview with GMA news, Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said that people should not make a big deal about the issue. If ever the president’s health will get worst, they will surely let the people know.

“To him, it was so routine na he had no qualms telling everyone, the whole world that he had it. I think human nature naman ‘yan. It was no big deal to disclose it… The President is transparent,” said Roque.

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However, the Anakpawis party-list Representative Ariel Casilao does not believe it. Casilao requests to see the medical result of the tests that the President have undergone last week, as stated on another report from GMA News.


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The Anakpawis party-list Representative pointed out that the President cannot blame the people for being curious about this issue. According to him, it’s the obligation of the President to be clear to the people that he is serving with regards to his health.

ariel casilao

Photo Source: Concept News Central

Meanwhile, based on a report gathered from GMA News, under Article VII, Section 12 of the Constitution, it is said that the president is required to inform the public of his or her health, but only “in cases of serious illness.”

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