Victor Neri Questioned Old Catholic Belief Now That He’s An INC Member

After converting to the faith of INC, Victor Neri questioned his old Catholic belief

Actor Victor Neri questioned his old Catholic belief after he converted to the faith of INC (Iglesia ni Cristo).

He was converted back in June 2016 following several years of being a non-practicing Catholic. Now, that he belongs to INC, the actor shared that he used to question what was taught to him as a Catholic before.

Victor said that the teaching in Catholic about having confession to the priest puzzled him.

Victor Neri
(Photo source: PEP)

“Parang, bakit ako mangungumpisal? Saan nangungumpisal yung pari? E, di ba tao rin naman sila, di ba? Wala naman sa Bibliya ang confession, bakit ko ginagawa?” he shared.

He added that since he believes that one should abide by what is written in the Bible, then he followed it.

Then, a friend invited him to attend the service in INC.

Victor Neri also shared that he had been through different religious denominations. He said that he also tried several Christian groups.

When he stayed in Hong Kong, he also tried to observe Buddhism.

Victor Neri
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He did that because of his desire to find answers to his question regarding faith and religion.

Victor said that he found it already.

“Kung paano tayo mabuhay, bakit tayo mabuhay, yung purpose natin, and how we should live, but only live through the Bible,” the actor said.

Meanwhile, Victor Neri plays a role in the movie Hapi Ang Buhay: The Musical which is directed by Carlo Cuevas.

The said movie is produced by EBC Films (of INC) and it premiered in cinemas last September 21. Aside from Victor, the movie also featured Antonio Aquitania, Genesis Gomez, Mike Magat and many more.

Based on the article published in PEP, Victor Neri chose to be an INC member because when he was a Catholic it was not his choice.

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