Hugot Lines About Love (Pag-Ibig)

Hugot Lines About Love

Hugot Lines Tungkol Sa Pag-Ibig

HUGOT LINES ABOUT LOVE (PAG-IBIG) – There are a huge number of hugot lines about relationships, affection, and so much more related to love or pag-ibig now.

Undeniably, the Filipino people are fond of hugot lines. These are statements that were born out of sentiments that were related to certain events.

When it comes to hugot lines, the most well-known subject is love. Many people associate their experiences in their relationships, their heartbreaks, and their deep feelings with usual events like the spilling of a coffee, the signs of the traffic lights, and many more.

Hugot Lines About Love Pag-ibig

List of Hugot Lines about Love (Pag-ibig)

1. Mabuti pa ang free throw na miss mo, ako hindi.

Hugot Lines About Love (Pag-ibig)

2. Mabuti pa sa lotto, tumataya ka. Pero sa atin, ‘di mo kaya.

Hugot Lines About Love (Pag-Ibig)

3. Mabuti pa yung pandikit, malakas ang kapit. Samantalang ikaw, konting kulang lang, bumitaw na sa noo’y hawak na mahigpit.

Hugot Lines About Love (Pag-Ibig)

4. Ang love minsan parang pagbabayad lang ‘yan sa cashier, binigay mo na lahat, hihingan ka pa ng sukli.

Hugot Lines About Love (Pag-Ibig)

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