Sunshine Cruz, Daughters Celebrate After Annulment Case

After the annulment case, Sunshine Cruz celebrated together with her daughters

‘Kapag Nahati Ang Puso’ actress Sunshine Cruz, together with her three daughters, celebrated after her annulment case with ex-husband actor Cesar Montano.

They were a perfect couple before but things did not went well between them. Sunshine said that she tried to save her marriage with Cesar for 13 years.

However, it came to the point that she realized that it is already enough. After they got separated, the actress faced another problem.

Cesar, reportedly, was not providing for his daughters. Because of this, Sunshine tried different approaches to make him fulfill his responsibilities as a father.

Several years after the couple separated, the actress found a new love with Macky Mathay. Recently, it was speculated that they are already engaged.

However, Sunshine clarified that they are not yet tying the knot anytime soon but obviously they continue to share happy memories together.

One thing that added to the happiness of the actress is the decision on her annulment case.

Sunshine Cruz was ecstatic after the court has finally released a decision regarding her separation with Cesar.

Sunshine Cruz with daughters
(Photo source: @sunshinecruz718 IG)

She shed happy tears upon learning the court’s decision. The celebrity mom is not the only person who is happy about it but also her daughters, Angeline, Francheska and Samantha.

The actress is also thankful and she said she would always remember the date when her annulment case is finally over.

Based on the interview with PEP, the Kapuso actress celebrated the court’s decision together with her daughters.

For them, it is something worth a celebration.

Sunshine’s children also expressed their happiness for their mother. The young ladies said that the result of the annulment case made them happy because their mom is finally free.

Watch the video of the interview.


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