Jessa Zaragoza’s Writer Brother Ramon Loyola Dies

Writer Ramon Loyola, Brother of Jessa Zaragoza, Dies

JESSA ZARAGOZA – Singer Jessa Zaragoza shared that her writer brother Ramon Loyola recently died.

One of the singers who are greatly loved by many people is Jessa Zaragoza. She is the wife of singer Dingdong Avanzado. The celebrity couple has a daughter named Jayda. She is also starting to make her name in the industry.

Recently, many people were saddened by the social media post of Jessa. She shared about the passing of her elder brother, Ramon Loyola, through Instagram. He is a writer.

Jessa Zaragoza posted several photos of her together with Ramon Loyola and as well as photos of the books written by him. Along with the photos is a heartfelt message of the grieving singer for her brother.

Jessa Zaragoza
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Based on the post of Jessa Zaragoza, Ramon Loyola died because of an Aneurysm. She stated that her heart is broken and she still can’t fathom the sudden incident.

Addressing her brother, the singer stated that she will always remember the good times they spent together and his support to her family. According to her, his passion for writing is one of her favorite things about him.

Jessa Zaragoza tagged her elder brother as an “amazingly gifted author”. She stated that he never gave up on his dream and on writing.

Based on the singer’s social media post, they are supposedly planning to spend quality time together this coming December. She stated that she will not forget the times that her brother expressed how proud he is of her.

Jessa Zaragoza expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Ramon Loyola whom she calls as “Kuya Ricky”. She assured him that he will always have a special place in her heart and he will always be remembered.

In their comments to the post, many of the family, friends, and supporters of Jessa Zaragoza expressed their sympathy to the singer and her family.

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