Ang Probinsyano: Monsour Del Rosario Turns Down Coco Martin’s Offer

This is the reason why Monsour del Rosario turned down the offer of Coco Martin in Ang Probinsyano

Actor-politician Monsour del Rosario has turned down the offer of Coco Martin in ‘Ang Probinsyano‘ twice already.

The Kapamilya action-drama series has been a platform for newbies and returnees in show business. Previously, even former sexy performer Mystica has called out to Coco to give her a spot in the show.

It is known to many that inactive careers of some actors and actresses found a new life through the series.

Coco wanted Monsour to be included in the cast of ‘Ang Probinsyano‘, however the latter did not accept the offer.

Based on the article published in Abante, the actor-politician turned down the offer because of the roles he is suppose to portray.

He is supposed to play the role of a congressman. Initially it was fine for him because that is what he does everyday. On the other hand, his role also requires him to be a protector of drug lords.

Ang Probinsyano Coco Martin Monsour del Rosario
(Photo source: Abante)

“Ang pangit naman, Congressman ako sa Makati tapos, protector pa ‘ko ng drug lord sa Makati! Ayaw ko niyan, medyo pangit,” he shared.

Furthermore, the character of a Police General was offered to him. Monsour del Rosario thought that it was already okay. However, the role of the police is also a protector of policemen who are protecting drug lords.

He disregarded the offer for the second time. The actor-politician said that it is fine for him to portray those roles if he is not a public servant.

“Eh you know naman some people na no read, no write, baka isipin nila sa totoong ­buhay ganyan siya. Kasi, nadadala sila sa acting mo. So, sabi ko, mga positive roles,” Monsour said.

He just offered to be the mentor of Coco Martin when it comes to fight scenes in ‘Ang Probinsyano’, based on the article.

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