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Netizens are questioning what happened to the mansions of Mystica in the US as well as to her luxury cars

Former sexy singer Mystica was able to obtain properties in the US as well as in the Philippines before.

However, it seemed that she lost them all as she recently revealed that selling fried chicken is the only source of her income now.

During the height of her career in the entertainment industry, it was reported in GMA’s ‘Showbiz Central’ that she had mansions in America.


(Photo source: Pilipino News)

She shared that she had big housed in Georgia and Los Angeles. Mystica also said that she had a mansion in Tuguegarao aside from buildings she owned.

Aside from these, she also showed her luxury cars. Indeed, she was living a wealthy life before. When she decided to settle in the US, she organized her own band.

That was the time she was able to obtain many properties abroad.

On the other hand, her life turned upside down. She appeared on TV just recently, asking ‘Ang Probinsyano‘ actor Coco Martin to give her another chance in show business.

The former sexy performer is calling out to Coco to give her a job in the Kapamiyla action-drama series. Mystica wants to have another shot in the industry because she is thinking this will help her a lot in improving her life now.

(Photo source: Pilipino News)

Based on the article published in Pilipino News, several netizens were asking what happened to her luxurious life. What happened to her multi-million properties in the US and in the Philippines?

It was said that Mystica admitted that she lost her properties because of her bad decisions in life.

Now, she is trying to rise again with the hope that through show business that gave her fame before, she will have a new career.

Watch her mansions and luxury cars in this video.


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