Popular Hilarious Pinoy Memes That Came From Viral Videos

Here are some of the popular hilarious Pinoy memes that came from viral videos

There are several hilarious Pinoy memes who recently became popular and the story behind these are from viral videos.

Pinoy memes

First is the meme that came from Kris Aquino’s video challenging PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson amid their heated argument on social media.

It was said that Kris cited the movie ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding’ as a reference to her reenactment where Uson was dragged out by Angel Locsin’s character.


Next is the where the “obvious ba?” line came from. A woman who sat inside a service van without permission said this when her attention was called during the time that she was “sleeping”.

“Bakit nang-iistorbo ka ng tulog?” she said, Then she was asked if she is really sleeping and she answered “obvious ba?”

One of the recent popular Pinoy memes is the phrase “advance akong mag-isip”.

This statement came from a call center agent who was selling prohibited drugs. When he was asked about this, he said that he can see the future of the country and then came the famous line “advance akong mag-isip”.

You can forget the “you’re road”? It came from a Filipina who was talking to a foreigner who mistakenly said “you’re road” instead of “you’re rude”.

Another viral video is the parody of the popular F4 in ‘Meteor Garden’.


There were also Pinoy memes that came from another news report. It was about Bethoven Delmar Jr. who was apparently for the penalty of his wrongdoing as he said “Wala na. Finish na.”

There was also memes which came from the act of Joven Olvido who auditioned in ‘Pilipinas Got Talent 2018’.

He showcased his hilarious talent in vape.


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