Jinkee Pacquiao Receives Hate Comments For Posting Luxurious Possessions

Netizens criticized Jinkee Pacquiao for posting her luxurious possessions on Instagram.

Jinkee Pacquiao, the wife of boxing champ and Senator Manny Pacquiao, received criticisms for posting on Instagram the luxurious things she owns.

Photos of branded and expensive clothes, shoes and other possessions of Jinkee are frequently seen by her IG followers.

With this, based on the article published in Bandera, the wife of Manny received punches of hate comments from netizens.

Jinkee Pacquiao
Jinkee received criticisms for posting her luxurious possessions (Photo source: @jinkeepacquiao IG)

It was said that netizens commented that she is craving for expensive things every time she shares photos of her luxurious possessions.

According to the article, Jinkee Pacquiao’s act of sharing branded material things on her social media account is justified. It is because she and Manny went through a difficult time when they had nothing.

Together, they achieved their dreams until the point came that they are considered as one of the richest celebrity couples in the Philippines.


Now that they can have a luxurious life, it is not a crime that Jinkee will provide herself some expensive things, based on the article.

There was a time when a netizen also gave a hint of doubt on her act of being religious every time she wears branded things.

Based on a previous article, Jinkee Pacquiao said that it is all about in the heart.


Indeed, she is living a life full of comfort and luxury. Prices of some of her branded possessions are imaginable.

Despite of eye-popping prices of her things, she managed to sell it at very low prices. It was mentioned in a previous article that she sold the expensive items lower by almost half from the original prices.

That was a very good news for people who had been wanting branded items with a lesser price tag.

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