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6:33 AM July 14, 2018

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6:33 AM July 14, 2018

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Grab Driver Slams Social Climber Passenger

A Grab driver has slammed his arrogant, social climber passenger after insulting him saying “Customer Ako, Driver Ka lang!”

Grab taxi is now one of the most popular hail-riding company in the Philippines offering quality service to the valued customers.

Over the past few years, there are some reports from Grab passengers expressing their disappointment towards the company over alleged poor customer service and overcharged fair.

Grab Driver


However, there are some inconsiderate passengers who always blame the helpless drivers over inconvenience.

Recently, the Facebook page “Grab PH horror Stories” has shared screenshots of how the Grab driver slammed his ill-mannered passenger living in a narrow area via text message.

In the screenshots, it can be seen that the passenger advised the driver to always smile, but the driver told him to more considerate next time since it was a “squatter’s area”.

Unfortunately, the social climber commuter threatened the driver that she will report and will file a complaint regarding the incident.

The passenger even called the driver poor, arrogant, and uneducated boasting her alleged riches

Here’s the conversation.

Grab Driver

The social media users have also expressed their reactions:

Marianne Tiotangco: “Juicecolored!!!! C ate ang tanga At bobo Hahahaha ??? my god ang grammar At sentence construction nya matinde!!! Malupet!!!! I kenat!!!! ? kung cno k mang babae ka bago ka manghusga at manlait o mang mata ng tao tignan mo muna sarili mo ha! Ako ginigil mo eh!!! Pektusan kita sa Fallopian tube mo eh!!!”

Miko Gene Dionisio: “Totoo bato? Kung totoo man to. Social climber yung babae. Haha. Siguro ang panget nun”

Roa Joy Atenion: “napaka mapanghamak namang customer yan ka bwisit”

Ida Jade Butay: “Hahahaahaha Naawa ako na natawa kay customer. ?????☺ muntanga ampota!??? vovo lang ako maglaro ng ML. PERO di ako kasing bobo neto. Hahahahaa taena. Laughtrip!” ?”

Rachel Faye Pinullar: “pakipost nga ung pagmumukha nayan naiinis ako eh .. ??? yayabang nakuuuu..”

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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  • Sergio July 15, 2018, 2:32 am

    For safety reasons no p(removed)enger should ever be taking to the driver. One moment of distraction could lead to an accident. Sit back, play with your cell phone, read a book or newspaper, look at the scenery, watch how others are forced to live and consider how fortunate you are to even afford a ride in a taxi.

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