LOOK: Duterte To Approve Consultative Committee’s Draft Constitution

President Duterte To Approve Consultative Committee’s Draft Constitution

DRAFT CONSTITUTION – The Consultative Committee announced last week that they are ready to submit the draft constitution to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

The Draft Constitution is in line with the move of shifting the government’s form from democratic to a federal one based on a report. The official document submitted for President Rodrigo Duterte’s approval was released on Monday.

Based on a report on Rappler, Ding Generoso, Con-Com’s spokesperson, said that President Rodrigo Duterte will endorse the Con-Com’s draft of the federal constitution to the committee. However, the President wants to revise the provisions before he endorses this to the legislative body.

The document is entitled: “Power to the People: Bayanihan Federalism, Power to the Regions” which consists of 22 articles and a preamble. Based on the report, here is the full text of the draft:

According to another report on Rappler, Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that the President wanted to have a new “transition president” after the ratification of the new constitution.

Photo lifted from Rappler | Malacañang File Photo

Roque expressed that Pres. Duterte “wants the people to elect a new leader who will serve as transition president”. Furthermore, according to the presidential spokesman, the President said that it is to “remove all suspicions” and he is tired and ready to give it to another person.

Based on the report, Pres. Duterte also wanted that the provision will allow a “younger leader” to lead the nation. Reynato Puno, chairman of the Con-Com, suggested that a plebiscite will be held at May 2019 which is a year from now.

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