Kiray Celis Complains Over Alleged Experience With An Airline

Kiray Celis Loses Her Bag on Flight to Davao?

KIRAY CELIS – Comedienne Kiray Celis shared through the social media her alleged experience with an airline.

There are lots of stories about luggage going missing in airports and passengers being left disappointed with the service extended to them. Based on a report, one of those who experienced it is actress Kim Chiu.

Recently, another celebrity, comedienne Kiray Celis, complained about allegedly losing her stuff. Through a post on her Instagram account, the comedienne claimed that she was bound for Davao and they checked-in two bags.

According to the actress, when they arrived in Davao, they discovered that one of the bags that they checked-in is missing.

Kiray Celis
@kiraycelis IG

Kiray Celis stated that they were told that their bag could have been left in Manila or went to a different flight. The actress-comedienne complained that she has no more clothes to wear for work.

Through the post, she expressed that the funny thing is that she paid more so she can bring a luggage and for less hassle. According to her, the airline keeps on apologizing to her and pays them three thousand pesos for every 24 hours that their bag is not found.

Kiray Celis
@kiraycelis IG

The actress-comedienne stated in her post that her blouse for work costs more than the amount paid for them for every 24 hours.

“Di sa nagmamayabang pero sa tingin niyo, sa 3K na yun uutusan niyo kami bumili ng undies, pang tulog na damit, pang ligo, pang lakat?! Grabe! SOBRANG BULOK NG SERBISYO NIYO!” her post reads.

Kiray celis post
@kiraycelis IG

Many of Kiray Celis followers left comments on her social media post. Here are some of the comments:

@cristopher_rice: “This has to be taken care by the third party that handles the ground crew of the airline. #topserv”

@seen_nomoore: “Mali na nga nila ikaw pa ang ma aagrabyadu…”

@nelzyambitious: “Buti ka pa nga binayaran ei, kami wala waley pinag antay lang.”

@esterbanzuela: “Chill lang ate kiray ,baka nagkamali lang sila hehehe taga davao del norte rin ako eh. May point ka rin ate kiray.”




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