Jaclyn Jose Reveals Why Andi Eigenmann Isn’t Active In Showbiz Now

Why is Jaclyn Jose’s daughter Andi Eigenmann not active in showbiz now?

JACLYN JOSE – Actress Andi Eigenmann’s mother Jaclyn Jose revealed the reason why the former is not active in her showbiz career now.

It has been a while since the actress daughter of Jaclyn Jose was last seen on television. Just like her mother, Andi Eigenmann has also entered the field of show business and worked on several projects.

Many of the fans and supporters of Andi takes her daughter Ellie as the reason why has lie low in her showbiz career. Based on a report, Ellie is the daughter of the actress with Jake Ejercito, the son of former Philippine President Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada.

Though they had a conflict before, things are visibly well now between Jaclyn Jose, Andi Eigenmann, Ellie, and Jake Ejercito. Ellie is close to both her father and her mother. According to the veteran actress, the important is the relationship between Andi, Ellie, and Jake.

Jaclyn Jose
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Meanwhile, based on a recent report in Pep, Jaclyn Jose revealed that there is another reason why Andi Eigenmann is not active in her showbiz career now.

Speaking to the source and Cinema News at the media launch of the Festival of Filipino Films, the veteran actress shared about the advocacy of her daughter. According to her, Andi is always at the beach and they are always talking about her advocacy as she wanted to be part of helping the ocean.

“She’s always at the beach… She wants to be part of helping the ocean since she loves oceans,” she said.

Andi Eigenmann
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Andi Eigenmann
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Based on the report, Andi Eigenmann is now living in a province near the beach. Her sports is surfing which is also the sports of her boyfriend Emilio Arambulo.

Meanwhile, Jaclyn Jose clarified that Andi Eigenmann is willing to work. She hopes that her daughter will have an offer soon.

“She’s willing to work, of course she has to work. Every has to work. Tumanda na tayo hanggang ngayon, nagtatrabaho pa rin tayo,” she said.

With regards to her daughter’s boyfriend, Jaclyn Jose expressed that she has yet to hear wedding plans from her daughter and her boyfriend Emilio Arambulo. Meanwhile, when asked if she is in favor of the surfer, she answered in the affirmative.

“Basta mahal ni Andi, mahal ko. Ganun lang ang usapan,” she said.

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