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5:21 AM May 3, 2018

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5:25 AM May 3, 2018

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Archaeologist Found Remains Of Early Humans In PH Over 700,000 Years Ago

An archaeologist found the remains of early humans in the Philippines over 700,000 years ago, which raises a number of questions.

On Wednesday (May 03, 2018), researchers wonders were the early humans roaming east Asia more than 700,000 years ago clever enough to build sea vehicles to cross the open sea.

The questions of the researchers came after the discovery of a butchered rhinoceros skeleton and the stone tools, which might use to carve away its meat.

Early Humans

Photo Courtesy of Philstar

The archaeologist reported that the discovery pushes back the arrival of the first homo species on the island chain ten-fold to 700,000 years ago.

The archeological clues including tools and remains of prehistoric animals found in Luzon hinted the presence of primitive human species.

The researchers also linked it to the way Homo erectus and Homo floresiensis might have populated the Indonesian archipelago during the same period.

Early Humans

Photo Courtesy of Philstar

The discovery of a single, 67,000-year old foot bone unearthed in the Sierra Madre Mountains has been the earliest confirmed proof of hominins up to this present time.

Thomas Ingicco, a paleoanthropologist at France’s National Museum of Natural History and lead author of the study said that they had the luck to find the almost complete, disarticulated rhinoceros.

Inggico said that they had also found some cut marks from the remains of so-called ‘Rhinoceros philippinensis’, which were made by some specialized tools while removing its flesh.

The paleoanthropologist said that they knew that the rhino was eaten by some human species, but they are not sure if it was killed first or just found the carcass.

“This evidence pushes back the proven period of colonialization of the Philippines by hundreds of thousands of years,” the author said quoted by Philstar.

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