Ex-Battalion Alleged Satanic Meaning Exposed Online

Ex-Battalion Alleged Satanic Meaning Exposed Online

The alleged satanic meaning of the popular Filipino hip-hop group Ex-Battalion has been finally exposed on the social media.

Ex-Battalion is a Pinoy hip-hop collective formed in Manila who popularized the hit songs “Hayaan Mo Sila” and “No Games”.

The group rose to fame after launching their hit singles and has been dubbed as the most successful mainstream hip-hop collective in the country.


Recently, a Facebook user named Nico Dulay has uploaded a video footage revealing the alleged ‘satanic’ meaning of ‘Ex-Battalion’.

The video shows the hidden meaning of the popular hip-hop group along with their hit song “Hayaan Mo Sila”.

In the video, ‘X’ is color red, which has three letters; ‘Hayaan Mo Sila’ has three words that allegedly contains hidden ‘Satanic’ messages slowly brainwashes the listeners.

The song intro goes with ‘Zsuhahaha’, which allegedly signifies a devil laugh. The song also contains 3x yahyahyah + 3x word in ‘hayaan mo sila’.

  • 3+3=6
  • 3 times 6 = 666

666 allegedly shows the sign of Illuminati, which allegedly means ‘devil or demon’. So the narrator claims that ‘Ex-Battalion’ is Illuminati confirmed.

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