Public Warned Against Heat Stroke As Heat Index Continues To Rise

The Department of Health Warns Public Against Heat Stroke

HEAT STROKE- Amidst the summer season, the heat index in the Philippines continues to rise to scorching points prompting the Department of Health (DOH) to warn the public and give tips on the necessary precautions against heat stroke.

Based on a report from ABS-CBN News citing Bandila‘s report, the DOH advised the public to be observant and vigilant of the signs of heat exhaustion as it may translate to a more serious form of heat injury which is the heat stroke.

Reportedly, it is the ‘worst heat-related disorder’ as it causes the major organs in the body to fail, and may eventually cause death in worst case scenarios.

According to Dr. Teodoro Ramos, Adult Cardiologist from De Los Santos Medical Center, heat stroke causes the cells in the body to suffer. He further said that heat stroke can also lead to heart attack considering the irregular speed of the heartbeat.

heat stroke
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The other symptoms of the said condition include the abnormal high body temperature of 40 degrees, altered mental state, heavy sweating, and rapid breathing. It is really a lot better if the public knows what to do to avoid the said condition or the measures to take in case it happens to someone.

As per the report, the Department of Health gave tips to help the public avoid such potentially fatal condition. Among the tips given are to increase water intake, wear light-colored and loose clothes and avoid too much exposure to the sun.

According to the DOH, in case of heat stroke, the patient must be immediately moved to a shady place with clothes partly loosened. Cool cloth and ice packs must also be applied to the different parts of the patient’s body and they should be given water to drink before transferring to the hospital for formal medication.

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