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BREAKING NEWS: STL Operator Identified As ‘Sam Aguilar’ Shot In Iloilo

Unidentified Person Shots STL Operator

STL OPERATOR – An operator of STL identified as ‘Sam Aguilar’ was reportedly shot in Iloilo.

Recently, an alarming news crossed the social media – an STL operator was shot while riding in a van. Based on a recent post on the Facebook page of Rmn Iloilo, Sam Aguilar is one of those who are riding the white van when the unexpected incident happened.

Aguilar is reportedly part of the Eagle Crest Gaming Corporation which is an operator of STL in Iloilo province. The incident took place at Barangay Buyuan in Tigbauan, Iloilo. The initial police report says that the suspect really watched out for the vehicle of the victim.

Based on the social media post, the suspect that shot Aguilar was riding in a motorcycle. The STL operator got six wounds from the incident and he remains conscious in the hospital.

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