Iñigo Pascual Reacts To Filipino Kids Not Using Their Own Language

Filipino Singer Iñigo Pascual Reacts To Filipino Kids Not Using Their Own Language

The young Filipino actor Iñigo Pascual has reacted to the Filipino kids who are not using their own language (Tagalog), which he considered as a problem.

Iñigo Dominic Lazaro Pascual is a Filipino singer, actor, endorser, and the son of the popular Filipino actor Piolo Pascual. He has been already featured in numerous movie projects, television shows, and commercials.

The celebrity was also the voice behind the popular hit song “Dahil Sa’yo” and now busy for his future projects.

Iñigo Pascual

Recently, the actor felt sad for the Filipino kids who do not use their native language or who do not know how to speak in Tagalog.

The 20-year-old singer shared his passion of a patriot on doing his part to lift up the Philippines. He also joined former Environment Secretary Gina Lopez’s “G Squad” to promote the country.

The young Pascual even speaks fluent but unaccented Tagalog to bring home the point. He also thinks that Filipino kids who do not how to speak their own language were a problem that needs to be resolved.

Iñigo Pascual

“Dapat mahalin ang sariling atin. Ang mga bata, hindi marunog mag-Tagalog, If we don’t love our own, how shall we grow as a nation? We keep comparing ourselves to other countries.  Mahalin natin ang ating sarili. It’s the only thing we have,” Iñigo Pascual said quoted by Philstar.

However, the popular singer admits that he grew up and spent half of his in the United States, but his heart is purely Filipino.

Iñigo Pascual

Meanwhile, Iñigo Pascual is now planning to create another OPM song as a follow-up to his hit song ‘Dahil Sa’yo”.

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