Netizen Erika Balagtas Shares Her Grandmother Fely Fajardo’s Love Story

FELY FAJARDO – Netizen Erika Balagtas’ post caught the attention of the online community as it featured the diary entry of her grandmother, Fely Fajardo, over her lost love.

Not all love stories are meant to have a happy ending. Some ended in a way that no ones expects it to just like the love story of the grandmother of netizen Erika Balagtas, Lola Fely Fajardo.

Recently, through a social media post, Erika shared the diary entry of her grandmother. The said entry featured her love story with a man named ‘Tasing’. Based on the post, he and Lola Fely met each other in 1960 in Bataan. She was in her teenage years by then.

He was working on a reforestation project then and his coworkers were related to Lola Fely. He was 30 years old and she was 19 years old.

Fely Fajardo

Facebook: Erika Mae Balagtas

Lola Fely Fajardo and Tasing became friends. She admitted that she initially thought that their friendship will end the moment she gets back to Manila. But she was wrong. He sent her a letter and even visited her in Manila.

Based on the post, Lola Fely was considering Tasing like a brother to him during that time. She even admitted it to him when he started to court her, yet, it did not stop the man.

After two years, Lola Fely Fajardo and Tasing became lovers beyond the knowledge of her parents. They keep on sending letters to each other and he also visits her once in a while. They kept their relationship as a secret because her father objects their relationship considering their age gap and him being a soldier.

Several years passed by and put the relationship of Lola Fely and Tasing to test but he never gave up on her. Despite the several failed attempts of confessing about their love to her parents, he kept on understanding her.

However, based on the post, their love story is one of those that ended in a way that no one expects it to. They were finally able to tell her father about it and he did not object their relationship. They even started the wedding preparation. They were very excited.

Yet, a few days before their wedding day, he got sick. His sibling fetched Lola Fely Fajardo so he can see Tasing in the hospital. She was not only able to see her lover but as well as meet the parents of Tasing.

Unexpectedly, based on the post, just a few days before their wedding, a heart-breaking news came – he passed away. His wake was held for two days in Camp Aquino and then his remains were brought to La Union. They buried his body on their wedding day.

The social media post went viral on Facebook. As of the writing, it has already reached more than fifty-five thousand shares on the online platform. Lots of netizens were touched by the love story of Lola Fely Fajardo and Tasing.

So 2days ago umuwi ako sa bulacan. tapos nakita ko tong diary ng lola ko. grabe sakit sa puso ??January 30,…

Posted by Erika Mae Balagtas on Sunday, February 11, 2018

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