President Duterte Set To Destroy Smuggled Luxury Cars

President Duterte Set To Destroy Smuggled Luxury Cars Recovered By BOC

President Rodrigo Duterte is set to destroy the smuggled luxury cars recovered by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) last 2017.

Last year, a smuggled McLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari sports cars are recovered by the personnel of BOC.

President Duterte said that he would not allow the auction of smuggled luxury vehicles anymore, which have been practiced over the previous years. Instead, he wants to destroy all the smuggled luxury cars.

Smuggled Luxury Cars

“Ngayong Tuesday manuod kayo sa pera ninyo. I-bulldozer ko na karong Tuesday” said by Duterte.

The president described on how the smugglers use fake consignees and allow the luxury cars to be confiscated before featuring in the auction.

“Consignee fake news, fake name, fake address, Your style is you wait for one year and six months and then these are put on auction wherein you are also the ones who buy them. In that way, if these are auctioned then the importation of these luxury vehicles already becomes legal,” Duterte said quoted by Philstar.

Smuggled Luxury Cars

Mr. Duterte also urged that the importers of the vehicles should properly pay their taxes and said he is now coordinating with BOC Commissioner Isidro Lapena on what to do with the smuggled luxury cars.

Duterte said that he will proceed with destroying the vehicles and he doesn’t care what people might think about him.

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  1. Very very good Pres.Duterte…go..go..go…nasa likod mo kami destroy all those damn cars so those SOB menace of society (removed).smugglers will learn a little lesson..


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