Kiray Celis Admits That She Is In A Relationship Now

Is Kiray Celis’ boyfriend a non-showbiz guy?

KIRAY CELIS – Comedienne Kiray Celis revealed that she is now in a relationship with a non-showbiz guy.

Kiray Celis have long been linked to model Kirst Viray. The two celebrities have sparked news reports when they were spotted together on several trips. Their closeness is also visible.

Speculations that Kirst and Kiray are no longer together crossed the surface when the two celebrities stopped posting photos of them together on social media. The rumors crossed the surface again when Kirst was the comedienne’s date at the Star Magic Ball 2017.

Meanwhile, based on a report, Kiray Celis and Kirst Viray are just friends. The model expressed that their sweetness is really natural and the comedienne is very sweet.

Kiray Celis
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Based on a recent report in Pep, in an interview with the source during the grand media conference of the movie My Fairy Tale Love Story by the Regal Films, Kiray Celis expressed that Kirst Viray has never been her boyfriend and will never be her boyfriend.

She revealed that she is currently in a relationship with a non-showbiz guy. According to her, her boyfriend of five months has a restaurant.

Based on the report, Kiray Celis’ friendship with Kirst Viray is “worth” as they were able to help each other. The comedienne admitted that they had lots of works when there were talks about them that is why they are really grateful to each other.

Kiray expressed that she and her boyfriend now already knew each other three years ago and it was just recently when they really talked.

“Bigla na lang na, ‘Oppps, puwede pala,'” she said.

With regards to the speculation that her boyfriend is just using her to promote his business, Kiray Celis expressed that he has nothing to get from her and she does not promote his restaurant.

According to the comedienne, she no longer visits the restaurant of her boyfriend and she helps him behind the eyes of the people.

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