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2:52 PM January 23, 2018

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2:52 PM January 23, 2018

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Blood Test To Detect Early-Stage Cancer Now Possible

The medical experts have developed a blood test that can detect early-stage cancer and will be finally available soon to help patients beat cancer.

The early detection of the most common type of cancers will now be possible through new blood test being developed by the scientists at Johns Hopkins University.

The new blood test could detect the early signs to the patients who have cancer of the breast, esophagus, bowel, lungs, ovary, liver, and pancreas.

Early-Stage Cancer

The screening test is also called as “Liquid Biopsy” or now known as CancerSEEK looking for the mutations in 16 genes, which usually occur in cancer.

Among 1, 000 cancer patients suffering from cancer in the esophagus, colon, lung, breast, ovary, liver, stomach, and pancreas who undergoes the test, about 70 percent of the cancers have been detected by the test.

US researchers were still conducting the test on more than 10, 000 people to determine its effectivity to future patients to have a bigger chance of beating the disease.

Early-Stage Cancer

“This field of early detection is critical, and the results are very exciting. I think this can have an enormous impact on cancer mortality,” Dr. Cristian Tomasetti of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said quoted by Inquirer.

CancerSEEK can detect cancers that can’t be detected during its early stage and reduces the risk of death by up to 50 percent.

Early-Stage Cancer


The blood test is designed for people 50-year-old and above but also works for the younger ones with a family history of the disease.

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