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11:19 AM January 12, 2018

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11:19 AM January 12, 2018

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Mo Twister lambasted Mocha Uson Blog.

MOCHA USON BLOG – The US-based disc jockey Mo Twister has lambasted the Mocha Uson Blog once again over caption regarding the Feast of the Black Nazarene.

The Feast of the Black Nazarene is accordingly one of the popular and much-awaited events in the Philippines.

This certain event is attended by thousands or even millions of Catholic devotees.

They are patiently attending the annual event just to see or even touch the wooden image to which aside from ordinary Filipinos, celebrities and hi-profile personalities can also be seen participating in the said event.

And considering that millions of devotees are said to attend this particular event, the Black Nazarene’s route of the procession has been made and released so as not to cause and avoid much traffic and any other unfortunate incidents.

The social media has been one of the most effective ways to announce such activities the reason why the person spreading reports towards the matter and of its kind must be responsible.

However, as seen on the Mocha Uson Blog, a Facebook page, upon announcing the route of the procession, the netizens have noticed that seems something is not right with the caption.

And one of those who has noticed is the disc jockey Mo Twister.

Mo Twister is actually known for being one of the critics of Mocha Uson.

Mocha Uson Blog

As featured on Instagram stories is the caption of the post which indicated, “Route of Procession of the Grand Nazarene.”

To which the DJ lambasted and even put an enclosed caption to it that says, “st*pid a**hole.”

Mocha Uson Blog

Photo lifted from Fashion Pulis

This has then gained reactions from the people of the online platform.

As per the source, here are some of the comments we have obtained:

Ganyan dapat ang binabash mo Mo! mas may puntos! aliw magagalit si mocha nyan. hahahahaha

niwala naman kayo kay mocha, sadya nya yan para pag usapan… imposibleng hnd alam n mocha na black instead of grand thats pretty basic minsan gusto nya dn ng publicity pandagdag dn yan sa engagement ng blog nya… hindi mn ganun katalino c mocha but im pretty sure shes street smart and if u havent known her, even before nung ng ppasexy p sya articulatr na talga sya

People with a good heart will correct rather than mock.. Hindi magandang Gawain ang mamukol ng masasakit na salita sa isang taong mahina just to prove na mas may pinag aralan ka..

Note: The original post has already been edited from “Grand” to “Black”.

What can you say about this?

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