Kris Lawrence’s Non-Showbiz Girlfriend Exposes Singers Real Attitude

Pinoy Singer Kris Lawrence’s Non-Showbiz Girlfriend Exposes Singers Real Attitude

The sister of Kris Lawrence’s non-showbiz Girlfriend girlfriend has finally exposed the real attitude of the singer to his girl behind the camera.

The Filipino singer Kris Lawrence is currently facing issues and controversies for allegedly cheating on his non-showbiz girlfriend.

Previously, Lawrence has been allegedly involved with other women while he was still in a relationship with his girlfriend, who is a famous endorser.

Kris Lawrence’s Non-Showbiz Girlfriend

The sister of Kris’ non-showbiz girlfriend made the shocking revelation about the singer’s real attitude and unfaithfulness.

The woman also shared how the singer allegedly cheated on her younger sister through a lengthy post on her Facebook account.

Here is a screenshot of the full post:

Kris Lawrence’s Non-Showbiz Girlfriend

Unfortunately, the Facebook account of the woman has been allegedly redacted

Kris Lawrence’s Non-Showbiz Girlfriend

However, the 34-year-old singer claimed that he already broke up with his girlfriend last month. The 10-year-age gap between them was allegedly the major factor in their breakup, according to the singer.

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