New P5 Coin Confuses Filipinos Due To Similarity With P1 Coin

New P5 Coin Confuses Filipino People Due To Similarity With P1 Coin

The new P5 coin causes confusion to the Filipino people because of its similarity with Piso, prompting Senator Nancy Binay to call for a halt in its issuance.

Previously, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has distributed the new five-peso coin showing the face of Andres Bonifacio, the father of Philippine Revolution.

However, the new generation coin brings confusion to Filipino citizens because of its resemblance to the P1 coin.

New P5 Coin

The new five-peso coin was a bit smaller compared to the old one and made in silver, which almost looks the same with ‘Piso’ if you would not look at it carefully.

Social media users have already started to express their sentiments as the new P5 coin made it harder for Filipinos to distinguish the difference between it and old P1 coin.

The issue has prompted Senator Nancy Binay to urge BSP to consider suspending the issuance of the new five-peso coin after stirring confusion among the public.

New P5 Coin

“It is best to keep an eye on those new five-peso coins. Lalo na doon sa mga nanunukli ng barya sa tricycle, jeep, tindahan at mga maliliit na negosyo. Sobrang nakakalito ang bagong limang-piso na halos magkasing hawig at laki lang ito ng piso,” Binay said quoted by Inquirer.

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