President Duterte Assures Public That Poultry Products Are Safe

Poultry Products Are Safe, President Duterte Says

President Rodrigo Duterte has assured the public that the poultry products in the Philippines are safe after visiting bird-flu hit Pampanga.

On Monday (August 28, 2017) President Duterte has visited the province of Pampanga to assure that the poultry products are safe despite the bird flu outbreak. The avian flu in the town of San Luis has crippled the poultry industry in some areas of Luzon.

Mr. Duterte said that the companies who will be caught importing birds contaminated with avian flu will face criminal charges. The President also assured the public that the government was doing their best to protect the food supply in the country.

Poultry Products

“I came here just to eat chicken and eggs and ‘balut’ to assure the public that there’s no danger in eating these. The bird flu outbreak is over,” said by Duterte quoted by Inquirer.

The president led a boodle fight on a 50-meter long table at the Heroes Hall in San Luis, Pampanga. He became the chief salesman of poultry products through eating half of a fried quail, quarter leg of chicken barbeque, and two baluts.

After the boodle fight, Mr. Duterte assured the public that the poultry products in the province of Pampanga and Nueva Ecija are safe for human consumption.

Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Pampanga Gov. Lilia Pineda, Bulacan Gov. Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija mayors, poultry growers, farmers, and officials from various government agencies have joined the president on the boodle fight.

Poultry Products

Duterte also praised the Department of Agriculture (DA) for their immediate actions towards the problem. He also commends the effort of more than 300 soldiers who helped to cull the birds.

Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial from the Department of Health (DOH) also explained that there is still no reported case of human transmission of the avian flu virus.

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