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10:27 AM July 10, 2017

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10:27 AM July 10, 2017

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Tony Labrusca stated how appalled he is to cyber bullying these days.

La Luna Sangre star Tony Labrusca appealed to the fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla love team to stop the cyber bullying.

Anthony Labrusca or simply Tony Labrusca on television rose to his fame when he first appeared on-screen to audition in Pinoy BoyBand Superstar aspiring to snatch a chance to be a part of the group.

Unfortunately, he was not able be a part of the band but then, he seemingly found another path to remain on the spot light of the entertainment industry and that is on acting.

He joined the competition also in search to also be found by his estranged father, Boom Labrusca, whose also an artist.

Undeniably, because of his numerous appearances on television, he is now one of the rising stars to watch out for not just because of his good looks but also because of his talent.

And being the third person on the love team of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla in their newest fantasy and drama series in the Kapamilya network, the La Luna Sangre, he had just became more popular for dashingly portraying the role of being a wolf.

As spotted and posted by the Fashion Pulis from his Facebook account, he has a post that says how he is “completely appalled” towards cyber bullying from KathNiel fans and supporters.

On the sceen grabbed status from his social media account, he said:

“I’m completely appalled by the amount of cyber bullying going on these days. Being a third party to the KathNiel love team I know and accept that there will be bashing. However I do not condone it. Especially when Kathryn and Daniel are ANTIcyberbullying ADVOCATES. How can kathniel fans say “kathniel or die” and “respeto naman po” when they don’t even understand nor RESPECT what [their] favorite love team stand for? This amount of hate has got to stop and it starts with me right here right now. Time to spread awareness to the very real and sometimes very dangerous effects of [Cyber bullying].”

tony labrusca

Photo lifted from Fashion Pulis

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