Watch: Man Spotted Handling Gun During Teenage Riot Along The Street

Man Spotted Carrying A Gun During Teenage Riot Along The Street

A man spotted handing a gun while attacking another guy during a chaotic teenage riot along the street was caught on the camera.

Nowadays, rumble and riots were very common all around the world especially between the groups of teenagers. The authorities were making efforts to prevent these types of incidents, but the rate of violence seems to continue to increase.

The Facebook page “FYI Philippines” has uploaded a video of a man carrying a gun during a riot between the groups of teenagers along the street. The rumble of the teenage groups seems violent and very chaotic, which almost prevent vehicles from passing by.

Teenage Riot

In the video, it can be seen that the teenagers along the road were having a fist fight until the other group retreats and attempted to ride a regular taxi. The other group still chased their opponents pulling them out of the taxi and violently attacked them.

Teenage Riot

Suddenly, a man involved in the fist fight pulled out a gun and attacked the man while pointing the gun at him. In the end of the video, the guy handling a firearm was intervened by another man. The place and the people involved in the rumble were not yet identified.

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