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48-Year-Old Homeless Woman Draws Artwork To Buy Everyday Food

Homeless Woman Jhalanie Lave Matuan Sell Artworks To Buy Everyday Food

The 48-year-old homeless woman named Jhalanie Lave Matuan uses her skills in drawing artworks and selling them to buy everyday food.

Nowadays, countless homeless people spread all over the world because of poverty. In some cases, there are some homeless people who use their awesome talents for livelihood and as a primary source of income.

A Facebook user named Gillian Garcia Alejandro has posted a photo of a homeless woman beside the bridge selling her artworks. She is using her awesome drawing skills to survive, but she was not given the opportunity to enhance her talent.

Homeless Woman

Matuan was aiming to raise funds for the treatment of her stage 3 kidney cancer, but she was not able to collect any amount. She also said that she can rarely sell her artworks and just relies on alms.

The homeless artist was selling her artworks for P150 per piece and she uses her income to buy her everyday food and other expenses. Alejandro has taken the photos beside Cabanas in Longos Malolos, Bulacan.

Alejandro shared her post last May 14, 2, 17 with a caption of “Happy Mother’s Day!” We can help the homeless artist by purchasing some of her artworks beside Cabanas.

Homeless Woman

What can you say about this homeless artist? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this articles.

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