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CHED Specialist Suggests 2 Ways To Make PH Schools World Class

CHED Specialist Mary Sylvette Gunigundo Suggest 2 Ways Include PH Schools  On Top Universities Worldwide

CHED chief education specialist Mary Sylvette Gunigundo suggested two ways to make Philippine educational institutions becomes world-class.

Mary Sylvette Gunigundo, chief education program specialist of the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) Quality Assurance Division gave 2 ways how can the schools in the country to be included in the list of world’s top universities.

The education specialist first suggested that the universities in the Philippines should be promoted abroad. Second, local schools should analyze the data to found out what indicators should school focus.

CHED Specialist

“We need to have our universities known to other people outside our country, hindi lang ‘yong prino-promote natin ‘yong universities natin dito” said by Gunigundo quoted by Interaksyon.

Gunigundo said that collaborating research institutions abroad in faculty and student exchange and universities could help Philippine universities to establish international linkage. She also said that less local universities need to do additional steps before working with international institutions.

Strengthening the field of specialization of the local schools were needed so they could team up with premier local universities before collaborating with international schools, according to Gunigundo.

CHED Specialist

The CHED specialist also explained that analyzing the data behind international rankings to find out the categories they need to improve. She also explained that for her academic and employer reputation is the areas that need by the Philippine universities to work on.

Ang nakikita ko rito ‘yong academic reputation and employer reputation means paano natin siya mai-improve itong perception ng international community,” added by Gunigundo.

Here are the 6 performance indicators basis for the publication assessment in ranking the top universities worldwide:

-Academic reputation (40 percent)

-Employer reputation (10 percent)

-Student-to-faculty ratio (20 percent)

-Citations per faculty (20 percent)

-International faculty ratio (5 percent)

-International student ratio (5 percent)

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