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Blogger Marcus Hutchins To Donate $10, 000 Reward After Halting WannaCry Cyber Attack

Blogger Marcus Hutchins Who Stopped WannaCry Cyber Attack Donates $10, 000 Reward To Charity

Blogger Marcus Hutchins will donate his $10, 000 reward for accidentally discovering the kill switch, which stopped the WannaCry global cyber attack.

The 22-year-old blogger and avid surfer Hutchins who has a username of MalwareTech have been hailed as an accidental hero. He accidentally prevented the spread of the WannaCry ransomware attack last week.

The cyber-attack affects numerous companies in the world including the British National Health Services, the Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica, Nissan, and FedEx. The blogger prevents the virus to do further damage to the companies.

Blogger Marcus Hutchins

Hutchins accidentally discover that the virus can be stopped by registering a £8.29 website domain name, which formed a kill switch that prevents a more horrible cyber-attack to the affected companies.

HackerOne, a company that rewards ‘ethical hackers’ who find flaws in software is offering a $10, 000 for what he did, but he refused to accept the reward for himself, instead he decided to donate it to charities.

“I plan on holding a vote to decide which charities will get the majority of the money. The rest will go to buying books/resources for people looking to get into [information security] who can’t afford them,” said by Hutchins quoted by Kickerdaily.

Blogger Marcus Hutchins

The blogger also received a reward of a free year-long supply of pizza from JustEat. The company gives this reward after seeing the photos of the blogger’s room filled with computer, video games, and pizza boxes.

The accidental hero is now working with National Cyber Security Centre of the United Kingdom to help them prevent the possible new attacks in the future.

What can you say about the 22-year-old Blogger Marcus Hutchins who donated his $10, 000 reward to charities? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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