Learn More About Fidget, Spinners As The Latest Craze

Fidget Spinners, One Of The Latest Crazes

Fidget spinners are one of the latest crazes for the middle school kids, parents, or teachers. Learn more about this colorful device by reading this.

Fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toy consisting a bearing in the center of the design. It is usually made of variety materials such as titanium, copper, stainless steel, plastic, and brass. This colorful device was very popular all around the world and it was selling out in various toy stores globally.

This toy is a low profile and a handheld device that has a stable middle and a disc with 2 or 3 paddles that can be spun like a ceiling fan. It is really good spinners that keep on spinning for a couple of minutes.

Fidget Spinners


Aside from being a toy and stress reliever, it is also helpful for the students who have attention disorders to stay on focus. Experts explained that spinners can improve the concentration of student when something occupies their hands. It can help users to be satisfied and relaxed.

Therapists, teachers, and guidance counselors have been using the spinners to help people with ADHD. Fidgeting is one of the common methods for managing attention regulation.

“What a fidget allows some people — not all people — with ADHD to do is to focus their attention on what they want to focus on, because there’s sort of background motion that’s occupying that need,” said by Elaine Taylor-Klaus, co-founder of Impact ADHD quoted by CNN.

Fidget Spinners

Impact ADHD is a coaching service for children for children with attention disorders and their parents, where Taylor-Klause is a co-founder.

What can you say about the fidget spinner as the latest craze? Do you also find it helpful for people with attention disorder? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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